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Hoard Hunters -Thame of my Life

Started by gash, July 18, 2016, 03:25:19 pm

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July 18, 2016, 03:25:19 pm Last Edit: July 18, 2016, 11:47:55 pm by gash
This Thursday 21st July H2 9pm-10pm

Thame of my Life

In this show Gary and Gordon are chasing the Thame hoard - a hoard of Medieval silver groats and gold rings unearthed in 1940 by a man walking his dog along the banks of the river Thame. Intent on returning to the site with their top-of-the-range metal detectors, the boys believe there's more fortune to be found.

However, there are a few potential issues standing in their way: the hoard was found more than 70 years ago so will they easily locate the exact find spot? And because the treasure was discovered on the banks of the river, will the boys detect anything other than the mass of cans and rubbish dredged up from the riverbanks?

Meanwhile, Mike intends to get to the bottom of who buried the hoard, and why. He believes the secret may lie with the, Prebendal an imposing building lying close to the hoard site that once served as the administrative arm of the church. Now privately owned by none other than Robin Gibb's widow, Dwina, Mike is looking forward to meeting her and discovering all about the epic place.

With the hunt underway, the boys realise there is a lot of ground to cover in a limited time period. And as the clock ticks, Gary starts to doubt Gordon's detecting strategy. Will Gordon be able to pull Medieval spoils out of the bag and salvage the dig?
XP Deus 9" coil & 13x11 coil
XP Goldmaxx Power
Whites DFX
Garrett Ace250
Nokta Simplex+

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