Surprising finds near Holtec site in Camden

Started by gash, August 05, 2016, 12:12:42 am

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As archaeological teams dug into the earth on Broadway, where the Holtec International site would soon rise on the South Camden waterfront in early 2015, they expected to find remnants of its past buried in the soil of the industrial tract: debris from the old New York Shipbuilding Corporation, bits of the demolished employee housing that was once there, perhaps pieces that went back further, to the 19th or even 18th centuries.

T&M Associates engineer Mark Stettler said he did not expect the crews would find remnants of tools used by Native Americans long before European settlers arrived in the New World -- before the golden age of Greek civilization, before the reign of King David in Israel, and before the earliest known coins are minted in what is now Turkey.

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