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Advents Digs ------- This Sunday 14th

Started by gash, August 12, 2016, 05:16:08 am

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Advents Digs ------- This Sunday 14th.
Ladies and Gents Keith has a dig in East Yorks off the A64.
There are three large disced stubble fields in a very desirable area with lots of history. Good for Roman artifacts and coins, also medieval coins and artifacts.
There is no time limit to leave the fields, you pay £10 for the day and you get the full day, so if your a serious detectorist you can relax and not feel rushed, especially if your hoovering up the goodies.
If you are not on his email list then send him a message on facebook Keith Lloyd and he will sort it out.
You must have NCMD or FID insurance cards.
XP Deus 9" coil & 13x11 coil
XP Goldmaxx Power
Whites DFX
Garrett Ace250
Nokta Simplex+

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