Alamo Archaeology Team Discovers Tip of Mexican Sword in South Wall Excavation

Started by gash, August 14, 2016, 08:22:34 pm

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Archaeologists working near the Alamo discovered a unique military artifact, the broken tip of a sword believed to be owned by a Mexican non-commissioned officer. The sword, known as a briquette, was known to be carried by Mexican infantry. Based on the breakage pattern and the torquing of the tip, noted military historian Sam Nesmith believes that it may have been used between October 1835 and February 1836, and was likely used in Mexican General Martin Perfecto de Cos' fortification and construction of the lunette or some other feature related to the fortification at the south gate of the Alamo. Mr. Nesmith also considers the possibility that it may have been used during the battle, but believes that the breakage pattern makes the first use more likely.

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