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Seeking permissions

Started by gash, February 16, 2016, 02:14:14 pm

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Most do not find writing letters gives very good results, but , prefer the "cold calling" method but I have attached a copy of the basic letter which I use.

This is because farmers/landowners are busy people, who actually do like to come face to face with anyone wishing to use their land, for any reason.
I know that crops are now coming out, so you will need to try to get your timing right, and may need to call a couple of times.
You may get a few rejections, and have to take them on the chin, thank the farmer/landowner for their time, and, it will not do too much harm to politely ask if they would mind you calling again some time in the future.
You are at an advantageous state at present, because one of your opening things can be to introduce yours self, and telling the person that you are new to the hobby, and have just got your first metal detector, enquiring whether they would kindly allow you to detect on their land,
to help you to learn how to use it.
If you have not yet done so, I would suggest that you join a club as soon as possible, and either join NCMD or FID, both of which give you public liability insurance cover, at a very low cost per year. Again the farmers/landowners like to know that you are covered against accidental
damage etc., plus of course, should you want to attend any rallies it is essential for you to be a member of one or the other, to be allowed to attend.
Arm your self with any books on detecting you can get hold of, go to your local museum to get hold of leaflets on the Treasure Act 1996, and codes of practice, they will also be able to give you information on conservation.
I have only scratched the surface, but others will add information which will be of help to you.
All the very best, and just stay calm when you chat to these folk, it will make your chances much greater.
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