Chicago firefighter uses metal detector to rescue lost items

Started by gash, August 20, 2016, 12:47:29 pm

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Ron Guinazzo's metal detector blurped and his 10-day gold drought ended this week on North Avenue Beach.

As the sand fell away, a gold chain with a pendant shaped like two fish dangled from his hand. Estimated value: $50.
Guinazzo, 55, says luck does not guide him. It's persistence.

In the non-winter months, he waves the device about five days a week. He's been at it for 35 years.

At his firehouse in the South Loop, Guinazzo is known by fellow Chicago firefighters as a bit of a "white cloud," meaning fires rarely strike when he's on duty, a likable quality in the profession.

On his website, Guinazzo is known as Chicago Ron. He posts pictures of his finds there and advertises metal detecting trips he leads in England

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