How To… Tell What Type of Pot You’ve Got – the Medieval Dig Edition!

Started by gash, September 01, 2016, 03:59:55 pm

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From so-called 'sparkly-ware' to the early-modern equivalent of 'ironic' hipster crockery, here's how to identify 12 types of pot you'd expect to turn up at a medieval dig.

Leiston Abbey is one of Suffolk's most beautiful upstanding medieval ruins. Built in the 14th century, it was home to a group of Premonstratensian canons (or priests) - a little-known order who did more than the usual teaching and healing ;they were also involved in heavy industries like metalworking, tile-making and even... forgery!

Over three seasons of excavation, our crew of Venturers have been trying to find out more about their lives at Leiston Abbey. Among the finds, there were plenty of bits of old pottery - mostly from the kitchen middens - and we sent them all off to Paul Blinkhorn (yes, him off of Time Team) for analysis. His preliminary conclusion? It's all pretty much what you'd expect to find at a medieval abbey in Suffolk.

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