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Advents Sunday Digs - 4th September

Started by gash, September 02, 2016, 07:57:18 am

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Advents Sunday Digs - 4th September - near Brompton.near Pickering.

Fields in low stubble level land sandy soil,
Meet between 8-9 am and dig till dark if you want.
We were on the adjoining field in 2015 and lots of hammered and Saxon came off, this field should produce similar, there are also other fields available.
If you are not on Keith Lloyd mailing list then send him a message to his facebook page.
we had an alternative site to go to but these fields within
a week will be ploughed, sown and rolled flat so this will be worth a weeks wait.
Once done this land owner will not allow anyone on his fields.
So this is a once a year oppertunity to find something related to the field next door which we detected on in Jan 2015 where Saxon
artefacts and hammered coinage were recovered.The other site we will
be going on the 11 Sept.
Thank You
Keith Lloyd
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