Steamboat Arabia, missing for 132 years, discovered 45 feet under a field

Started by gash, September 04, 2016, 09:48:49 pm

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This is like something out of an Indiana Jones film and something that as a child we would all dream of finding. How often do you get to find a buried steamboat?

Loaded with supplies for 16 towns. In 1987, a group of treasure hunters discovered a steamboat buried deep in a Kansas cornfield. This was the Arabia, a side-wheeler whose hull was pierced by a submerged tree on Sept. 5, 1856, near Parkville, Mo., 6 miles north of Kansas City.

The ship, just three years old, had embarked from St. Louis, steaming westward on the Missouri to deliver merchandise to 16 frontier towns. The cargo included 20,000 feet of lumber, 4,000 shoes and boots, two prefab homes destined for Logan, Neb., a sawmill and fixtures, and a case of Otard Dupuy & Co. cognac.

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