Nottingham hides a network of ancient man-made caves

Started by gash, September 16, 2016, 10:40:15 am

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Nottingham hides a network of ancient man-made caves used as a tannery, house cellars & air raid shelters

Beneath the houses, shops and offices of Nottingham lie hundreds of caves. Few people in Nottingham are aware of this labyrinth, which exists underneath the city streets, and fewer still have visited them. Nottingham has more man-made caves than anywhere else in Britain. People have worked and lived in them for over 1,000 years

City of Caves is a visitor attraction in Nottingham which consists of a network of caves, carved out of sandstone that have been variously used over the years as a tannery, public house cellars, and as an air raid shelter.The attraction is accessed from the upper level of the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre.

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