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Garrett’s new trademark. Photo

Started by gash, February 22, 2016, 10:47:33 pm

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Garrett registers a new trademark -- CHARLES GARRETT! See the photo. Plus, there's a list of possible goods that will possibly be sold under this trademark. How about thermometers and thermo detectors?

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This is real Grandpa Garrett - the company's founder, legendary Charles Garrett. He is holding a gold pan in his hands. It is symbolic... Luck is in your hands!

The following goods (specified in the list) will be produced under this trademark:

- Plastic pans of special design useful for panning for gold and similar materials of high specific gravity
- Electronic metal detectors
- Mine detectors
- Thermometers
- Thermo detectors
- Accessories
XP Deus 9" coil & 13x11 coil
XP Goldmaxx Power
Whites DFX
Garrett Ace250
Nokta Simplex+

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