Skipsea Castle was built on Iron Age mound, excavation reveals

Started by gash, October 05, 2016, 08:31:38 pm

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When the Normans decided to set their mark on Skipsea in Yorkshire, within 20 years of the 1066 invasion, they didn't bother to build a new mound for their motte-and-bailey castle: instead they upcycled the massive earth mound they found waiting for them, dominating the landscape as it had for the previous 1,500 years.

Skipsea, a huge mound - 85 metres in diameter, 13 metres tall - is now revealed following a recent excavation as an earthwork resembling the famous Silbury in Wiltshire, the largest manmade prehistoric hill in Europe. Although Silbury is more imposing, twice the height and 2,000 years older, Skipsea is a unique example from Iron Age Britain. The closest mound of a similar size and age is in Germany.

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