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Tect O Trak by Mark Seeley

Tect O Trak by Mark Seeley

Started by gash, February 23, 2016, 10:27:47 pm

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Tect O Trak by Mark Seeley

Tect O Trak is a fully resumable Android Gps track and finds recording application

This application allows the user to build a permanent record  of their movements and finds. Search sessions can be saved and resumed from the exact spot you left off at a later date. Additionally, you can also mark  find spots, and keep detailed photographic records of your finds. There are two types of  camera. There is a 'clodcam' used when recording the moment of discovery. There is also an dedicated desktop camera and gallery . This is where you can showcase all your best and cleaned finds.

Tect O Trak is most suitable for the serious long term detectorist who will keep returning to a permission over many seasons and years. This app is all about reliability and longevity.  Over time, your database will become increasingly invaluable and irreplaceable to you. Keeping the database safe and up to date  is an absolute priority. This has been made as easy as possible with a 1 click Backup/Restore tool. It is best practice to create a back up after every session and allow Tect O Trak to be included when syncing  with your cloud storage. Following this procedure will make your records indestructible, giving you a helpful and reliable journal for many years to come

Get a fully functional demo here:-

Main developer page
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