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The coil in your detector matters!

Started by gash, February 23, 2016, 11:02:59 pm

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 There are several different types to choose from, and install/switch on your detector.

DD coils have a narrow but wide detection field that make target separation easy. Wider field compared to concentric coils, allows for larger area to be scanned per sweep. Generally regarded as the jack of all trades, best choice for most areas.

Concentric coils are the classic large circular coils that punch into the ground with a cone-shaped field. Bad in trashy areas because of the cone-shaped field, but work well in open, rural areas.

Sniper coils are very small circular coils that are great in trashy areas like heavily used parks. They allow you to "snipe" targets from the middle of trash, with a thin and sharp detection field. Think of it like stabbing a sword into the ground to hit a coin, compared to a wooden log that will hit the coin and 5 bottlecaps around it. Downside of sniper coils are the bad search depth and small scan area per sweep.

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