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A year at Sherford

Started by gash, December 20, 2016, 03:54:04 pm

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We have been working on and off at Sherford since early 2015, but this year has been a little different. A team from Wessex Archaeology has been present on the site from 4 January to 14 December 2016. A whole calendar year of excavation and investigation in a beautiful spot in Devon. And what a year it has been for the archaeology! 

Throughout the year the team, which has normally consisted of around eight archaeologists, has been ably led by Senior Project Officer Matt Kendall. Several of the team have been on site for the entire year which is a feat in itself. The result was a close knit team working at capacity for the duration of the fieldwork, learning the intricacies of the archaeology and natural geology and building some wonderful camaraderie in the process.

Full article here  :  http://www.wessexarch.co.uk/blogs/news/2016/12/16/year-sherford
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