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Do I need the Xp Deus remote control unit?

Started by gash, January 09, 2017, 10:22:05 pm

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An Australian article but has some interesting facts

The Popularity of the Deus LITE Packages have led many to ask the question, "Do I really Need the XP Deus remote control unit?"
For those that aren't familiar with the XP Deus it can be purchased with or without the remote control unit. This because the XP Deus is capable of running on the WS5 Headphones or WS4 Backphones by themselves.

You see with the XP Deus the head phones are also a control box and can change the detectors settings like frequency, sensitivity, tones and ground balance it also allows you to change between the 10 pre-set programs.

The beauty of the XP Deus lite kits is that you can access the full detecting power of the XP deus without the extra expense of the remote control unit. It is not a cheap unit and retails here in Australia for $999.00.

Full article here :  http://aussiedetectorist.com.au/2016/06/10/do-i-need-the-xp-deus-remote-control-unit/
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