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Started by gash, January 09, 2017, 11:03:43 pm

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Because both the E-Trac's FBS (Full Band Spectrum) and CTX 3030's FBS2 technologies are designed to detect on any ground without a trouble, metal detecting old coins and non-ferrous relics in the plowed or abandoned fields is even easier than at the homestead sites due to the uniform distribution of natural and sporadic mineralization in soil. And, without implementation of any "aggressive" program settings, the Minelab advanced technologies allow to detect targets in areas where treasure hunters with detectors of other brands quit searching long time ago.

Treasures Might Be Hidden in Any Field

There are two main objectives of "field scanning": 1) locating sites of former settlements, and 2) locating so called "coin scatters" - "constellations" of identical coins interspersed in soil and on the surface after they had been dislodged from the buried coin caches (hoards) and brought up to the ground surface by plowing and soil frosts over many years. The coin scatters indicate the coin hoards still buried underneath, and can be located both within and outside the former dwelling sites.

Of course, the "field scanning" can be also done just to find single coins and/or non-ferrous artifacts that were individually lost a long time ago. In any case, this metal detecting program can effectively help you meet your objectives. It works in areas that do not have high accumulation of junk and might contain buried coin hoards and/or artifact caches. Such areas may include the outskirts of the former settlement sites.

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