Archaeologists Find Huge Crypt in Northeast Bulgaria

Started by gash, January 20, 2017, 05:56:14 pm

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Archaeologists Find Huge Crypt with Early Christian Martyrs' Bones in Roman, Byzantine City Zaldapa in Northeast Bulgaria

A second crypt, even larger than the one found in 2015, and human bones which probably belonged to Early Christian martyrs, have been discovered by archaeologists in the Late Roman and Early Byzantine city of Zaldapa in Northeast Bulgaria.

The ruins of the originally Ancient Thracian settlement, and later the largest Late Roman and Early Byzantine city in today's Northeast Bulgaria, and one of the largest in the Roman province of Scythia Minor are located near the town of Abrit, Krushari Municipality.

The new discovery has been made as a result of the continuing research of the sizable Early Christian basilica in Zalpada during the 2016 archaeological season.

With its width of 22 meters, and length of 61 meters, the basilica in question was one of the largest Early Christian temple's in today's Bulgaria.

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