Royal Alberta Museum to crack open 1,600-year-old roasting pit

Started by gash, January 23, 2017, 11:32:18 am

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Royal Alberta Museum to crack open 1,600-year-old roasting pit with meal still inside

Royal Alberta Museum archaeologists are about to start a lengthy and intricate process of figuring out what ancient Albertans cooked for supper.

Last year, they dug up a 1,600-year-old roasting pit at Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo Jump in southern Alberta. The oven was intact and still had a prepared meal inside, which could make it the only known artifact of its kind.


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"Somebody -- probably celebrating the success of a hunt -- had a big feast afterward and prepared a bison calf and some kind of a dog, maybe part-wolf, in a pit side by side," Bob Dawe, the Royal Alberta Museum's lead archaeologist on the project, said.

"They roasted it overnight in the ground. It would have been a delectable feast in the morning."

The roasting pit was first discovered in 1990, but archaeologists didn't excavate it until last year, before packing it up and moving it to Edmonton.

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