Great Ryburgh: A remarkable Anglo-Saxon cemetery revealed

Started by gash, January 23, 2017, 12:18:03 pm

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Archaeological work beside the River Wensum in Norfolk has revealed more than 80 rare Middle Saxon log coffins and plank-lined graves, preserved by their waterlogged environment - the first time that such coffins have been found in these numbers and such good condition in Britain. What can the unusual finds tell us about an early Christian community? Carly Hilts spoke to James Fairclough, MOLA, and Barney Sloane, Historic England, to find out more.

While excavating waterlogged land beside the River Wensum, the last thing archaeologists from MOLA expected to find were graves - let alone a previously unknown Anglo-Saxon cemetery containing dozens of rare timber coffins and plank-lined graves in an unprecedented state of preservation - yet this unlikely turn of events is exactly what happened during recent work near Great Ryburgh, Norfolk.

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