Detect metal seriously with a serious metal detector, in Serious Metal Detecting

Started by gash, May 11, 2017, 07:23:25 am

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There were a few things that seemed really cool when I was a kid: the way the ice cream man could give me exact change from his coin belt without even looking, the way this one older kid could ride his ten-speed bike down our whole block without ever once touching the handlebars, and especially this one middle-aged guy I always saw walking around on the beach with a metal detector and a giant set of headphones. A treasure hunter! Surely, he was unearthing gold coins and sparkling jewelry on the regular. How cool was that?

Upon reflection as an adult, none of this seems even remotely cool, but I must still have a bit of a fascination with metal detectors because when I saw a game called Serious Metal Detecting arrive on Steam today, I pounced. It's a game where you wander around a map with a metal detector, trying to detect metal things. As the name implies, it's not about frivolous metal detection but the deadly serious variety.

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