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The Romans beneath our feet

Started by gash, August 05, 2019, 02:15:45 pm

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YORK'S planned new Roman attraction beneath Rougier Street will aim to follow the successful model pioneered by Jorvik 40 years ago.

Most importantly, the whole design of the museum will be determined by whatever Roman remains archaeologists find when they begin digging beneath Rougier House and the Society Bar.

The York Archaeological Trust's dream seems to be to recreate parts of the Roman city of Eboracum in the very midst of authentic Roman remains - just as they did for the Vikings at Jorvik.

But what kind of Roman remains are they likely to find beneath Rougier Street? And how can they be sure they will, in fact, find any Roman remains at all?
Well, Rougier Street is on the opposite side of the River Ouse from the main Roman fortress, which was centred around the area now occupied by York Minster (High Petergate is on the line of one of the fortress's principal streets, and the Multangular Tower in Museum Gardens is on the site of one of the corner towers of the fortress wall).

Rougier Street is some way away from all this, and separated from it by the river. Nevertheless, on the Rougier Street side of the river there was, in Roman times, a large civilian settlement, or 'colonia'. A bridge across the Ouse linked this to the main fortress.

Extensive Roman burial sites have, in fact, been found under what is now The Mount and the railway station. A cluster of temples was also found around what is now Micklegate. And the plain fact is that, if you dig deep enough almost anywhere in York, you are likely to come across Roman remains of some sort.

Read full article here :  https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/17795564.romans-beneath-feet-can-archaeologists-expect-find-start-digging-rougier-street/?ref=mac
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